M&N Language Services, LLC, in partnership with COCOA Language, Advocacy and Consulting, LLC, has written several publications pertaining to interpreting and language access that can be found below.

Combating Performative Accessibility

Authored by Gloshanda Lawyer & Kenton Myers
Translated by Beatriz Puche, Ibrahim Alkhaldi, and
Felicia Williams
Edited by Barbara Domcekova
Reviewed by Letitia Nadine Bynoe & Tiffany Hill

Since COVID 19 there has been a shift to online events and providing “access” with language interpretation as one of the go-to accessibility services. As interpreters we know it’s not enough to just be invited into a space; a lot more work and effort needs to happen on the backend and during the event to make accessibility truly come to life. 

We created a document outlining considerations for organizers and event hosts to move beyond performative access and into creating spaces with language interpretation as a collaborative accessibility practice.