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Interpreting, like translation, takes one language and renders it into another. The very important difference is the medium: while you translate a written text, you interpret orally.


Translation essentially consists of taking a text in one language and rendering it into another language. Did you catch that word “text”?


M&N offers a wide variety of trainings including test prep for both the CCHI and NBCMI, interpreter skill building and safety, language justice, etc

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To provide the best possible interpretation and translation services to our clients enhancing their business while saving them time and money. Our commitment is to excellence, professionalism, accuracy, and most importantly, exceptional language access for the consumers and clients we serve.

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Trusted Professionals

M&N Interpreters are experienced, professional, and trained. Interpreters’ qualifications /certifications will be matched to client’s needs (legal, medical, educational, etc.).

24/7/365 Availability

In-person interpreters of several languages* are available around the clock. Over-the-Phone interpreters of more that 100 languages are available 24/7/365! Call and get set up today!

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team evaluates our interpreters regularly on fluency, customer service, vocabulary, interpreter standards, and ethics.

Interpreter & Translator Scholarship Program

Pay It Forward

Our Commitment

M&N is committed to the quality, education, and professional development of interpreters in the state of Alabama, and is pleased to be able to offer five (5) scholarships per year! These scholarships (awarded as funds permit) are for the partial payment (50%) of one written or performance test to promote certification of interpreters and translators in the state of Alabama.


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M&N Language Services, LLC is currently hiring contract interpreters and translators for all languages. Please contact us if you are interested!

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