“So, I just got a compliment from the nurses. They said they liked how fast I am, and how I repeat exactly what they say and don’t have side conversations with the patients. They really liked that! I was like, I was trained to be like this! So, thanks you for the awesome class. Comments like this one makes one feel awesome!”

Jessica P.

40-Hour Healthcare Interpreter Training (HIT)

M&N Language Services’ Healthcare Interpreter Training Program will prepare bilingual individuals to work as effective, competent, and professional medical interpreters. The training will cover essential topics, such as interpreter roles and ethics, interpreting skills, medical terminology, etc. This 40-hour healthcare interpreter training program will prepare participants to become nationally certified medical interpreters. This training is taught in English & Spanish.

Next Class Location: ONLINE – POSTPONED

Next Class Schedule: TBD

Advanced Medical Interpreter Skill Building

This workshop is designed for intermediate to advanced interpreters wanting to continue their education in medical interpreting. This 16 hour course focuses on skill and vocabulary development specifically for the medical interpreter.

The focus of this workshop is to maximize time spent developing your skills in all three modes of interpreting; with a focus on consecutive and sight translation.

This course is ideal for interpreters who want to continue developing their medical interpreting skills and vocabulary and prepare for professional certification.

Next Class Location: Huntsville, AL

Next Class Start Date: TBD


The 40-hour Healthcare Interpreter Training by M&N was simply superb. The course content, the organization of each class and the quality of instruction went far above and beyond my expectations. The variety of materials studied (medical terminology, anatomy, code of ethics and standards of profession) as well as extensive practice of consecutive interpreting and sight translation provided me with a solid background as I am preparing for the certification exam. Definitely money and time well-spent.

Barbara D.

I am the kind of person that always likes to help others and enjoy learning new things in life. M&N Language Services has given me the opportunity to build on my interpreting skills because of the quality and well-organized program that they offer. The most positive aspect for me personally was the chance to be enriched with knowledge of the medical terminology, human anatomy, and code of ethics. I have learned so much on how the whole process works. M&N Language Services has been very supportive and helpful to me and helped build the confidence I need to be a better interpreter. I am very thankful to Kenton and Ben for this great class.

Barbara C.

A few months ago I thought I was a good interpreter, but being a student in the M&N Healthcare Interpreter Program gave me the knowledge that I was definitely missing. I completed all the classes and feel more prepared for what’s next as I continue my career as a medical interpreter. I want to thank my wonderful teachers Kenton Myers and Ben Tuanama for kindly taking the time to put this amazing program together – by far one of the best investments I’ve made!.

Marcelo A.

This program was the best investment I’ve made. I learned more about the profession, and I can now take my passion for helping others and break down language barriers. It opened so many doors for me, and I’m excited to hone my skills even further. We learned so much medical terminology and even more about human anatomy. We also dedicated a lot of time to learning about the role of the interpreter, the code of ethics, and the standards of the profession. Kenton and Ben were great teachers; they challenged us to perform better and gave us the confidence when we didn’t believe in ourselves. We practiced all methods of interpretation, and I feel much more prepared going into the future. 10/10 would recommend, so don’t be a fool and take this course..

Sabrina B.

I very much enjoyed being in the 40-hour Healthcare Interpreter Class. I learned so many things every single class. From new anatomy systems, to code of ethics, practice, and everything in between. I owe all of my acquired knowledge to Kenton and Benjamin – so much experience to learn from. Being randomly called on to interpret or practice was good because you’re put on the spot. The slides, handouts, teaching methods were all great. 10/10 would recommend. I do wish we could have practiced simultaneous interpreting, because although it’s not always used in the medical setting (so I’ve heard), it would still be a skill set that would be good to practice in front of people that have experience. But overall, an excellent program – so good, in fact, that I wish I could retake it. Great work Mr. Kenton and Dr. Benjamin, as well. You two make a good team

Heriberto V.

The 40- Hour Healthcare Interpreter Training is a MUST. I know that there are many online classes that you can take but nothing beats an in-person language focused training. We learned so much, not only about the medical field and interpretation (in which Mr. Myers and Dr. Tuanama broke down for us and expanded as much as possible in our limited time frame), but we also learned from other students’ techniques and challenges. Everyone has their own skills and limitations, but the teachers helped us to fill the gaps and challenged us to reach our best. Thank you. I will take it again and again.

Dolly C.

“Knowledge and Practice”
This 40-hr training vindicates the profession of the medical interpreter.
Mr. Kenton Myers is the personification of professionalism and Dr. Ben Tuanama is of knowledge and teaching skills.
– Powerpoint slides.
– Role-play (provider-patient-interpreter in different medical settings).
– Extensive practice of all the types of interpretation (I personally think this was the best of all, because I realized where do I need to work and I think by the end of the program all the students improved 100%).
– Shadowing opportunities.
– Vocabulary.
Those are some of the many highlights of this program. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to become a professional interpreter, it will help to build a solid career based on a strong foundation of knowledge and practice.

Rocio T.

As a double major in nursing and Spanish, I value opportunities that allow me to strengthen both of my academic interests simultaneously; M&N Language Service’s HIT program gave me that opportunity. Working with qualified course instructors like Kenton and Ben stretched my abilities in a way that left me confident in my ability to conduct myself in bilingual medical settings. Their class guided students through each body system, not only teaching us the specific and complex vocabulary and physiology necessary to understand health care professionals, but ways to relay the same medical information in a lower register to ensure maximum patient comprehension. I can assuredly say that M&N’s HIT program has already made a difference in my medical career – during my first clinical rotation as a nursing student, I performed a routine pre-appointment workup entirely in Spanish for a patient who spoke limited English. As I began speaking in Spanish and utilizing the vocabulary and communication skills I had learned in class, I could visibly see the patient relax and start to participate more intently in the workup. There is power in understanding and being understood in your own language, especially in a potentially overwhelming field such as medicine – if you are passionate about pursuing a career in medicine and facilitating clear communication for Spanish-speaking patients, this class is for you!!

Sophie B.

M&N Language Services’ 40 hour program is an absolutely fantastic investment in yourself. The dedication that the instructors Kenton and Ben show during the classes gives all of the students motivation to improve our interpreting skills. Challenging, interesting, and fun are the first three words that come to mind when thinking of my time during the 40 hour program. I completely recommend this program to anyone who is serious about becoming a certified interpreter after the program, anyone who wants to work as a medical interpreter, or anyone who just wants to sharpen their Spanish medical interpreter skills. Time and money well invested with M&N Language Services!

Javier P.
In this 40 hour program I was able to access further information on what it truly is to interpret for patients in hospitals. Kenton Myers is a great instructor. He made sure everyone understood the subject that was being discussed and really put forward the effort to make sure all questions were answered. He did a good job on giving examples of strengths and weaknesses and what is expected of a interpreter. Also, it is a great class to strengthen medical terminology and gives great opportunities to practice and get real life experience. Would recommend for anyone who is starting on a blank slate and is interested in interpreting for the first time!
Saida J.
  • Training was quick and efficient. Every moment was utilized and maximized to ensure optimum bang for your buck.
  • Teachers were fun and engaging.
  • Doing the drills, performing sight translation and practicing interpreting in front of the class was really helpful. I liked the instant feedback.
  • Hearing from reputable sources which words or phrases to use is a must. There is a lot of faulty information on the web and I value being able to ask someone what and how to say certain things – especially in context of different cultures.
  • There aren’t a lot of mentors in professional spaces anymore. It’s incredible to know I have three people I can call on for help or guidance as I continue to develop as an interpreter.

Overall, I feel like I am in a significantly better position than someone who has not received any formal training. I honestly don’t know how there are people in the field that have not received any sense of formal training. Everything we learned from the legal standpoint to the terminology is super important, and I am extremely thankful I was able to participate in the program. Thank you for all you have done to help us on our way. It was well worth the money, and I would definitely recommend anyone considering the field to take the class and learn the in’s and out’s of the profession from some of the best.

Morgan P.